A chance encounter with a very fine gentleman recently has finally awoken me from my slumber to open my vast store of knowledge for the greater good of all. Here was an elderly man, in his late sixties or thereabout, who had a little but all too familiar problem: how to “recover” some old emails that had mysteriously “disappeared” from his smartphone. Rather than fix the issue for him, I empowered him to fix it himself; and also taught him a few simple but useful tricks to enhance his relationship with his gadgets. My new friend’s joy was palpable; and his hug of gratitude I will continue to feel into the foreseeable future.


The solution to this man’s problem was quite obvious, simple and easy; requiring only mindful observation and no specialized knowledge. At least that’s how I saw it. But it turns out things that are obvious, simple and easy to me do not always appear so to others; especially when dealing with things that contain sand (or silicon, a constituent of sand, which is what the microprocessors found in all modern appliances and gadgets are made from).

So here’s what I’m going to do going forward: ask me questions, and I’m going to do my best to answer them as I would if I were the one facing the issue; and if you allow me, I’ll share my response here on this website so others with the same or similar questions or problems can be helped.

How to Submit a Question

If you’d like to submit a question, just use the regular contact form on the contact page, but kindly make sure the first line of your message is “Ask George – PRIVATE” or “Ask George – PUBLIC”. That way I’ll know you’re submitting a question specifically for this series, and whether you want me to respond privately, or post my response for others to benefit from it.

You’re free to submit as many questions as you want, but please submit each question as a separate message. Also, please include nothing but your question in your Ask George message. If you’d like to send me other feedback, please do that in a separate message that doesn’t begin with “Ask Steve.” This will make it easier for me to sort and organize the submissions.

Valid Topics and Questions

“Ask, and ye share be given,” so sayeth the Christian Bible. And elsewhere the Bible also has this: “as a man sows he shall reap.” That means in other to optimize what is received, one must optime what is asked.

You can ask me pretty much anything you want. Feel free to ask questions about technology, blogging, making money online, career development, personal development, parenting, productivity, relationships, moral issues, book (and other product) recommendations, problem solving, decision making, or anything that loosely relates to the topics covered on this site.

There are few cases that you can safely assume I’ll ignore you though. If you’re a student (at any age), don’t ask me to do your assignment or write your admission essay for you. I’m not going to help you cheat yourself. If you send me a one liner like “I need help, here’s my telephone number” or “I need a job now, please help” — you can be sure I’ll ignore you.

Answering Your Questions

By offering to answer your questions, I’m not suggesting I’m some guru with answers to your problems. Neither am I suggesting that I’m wiser or even more knowledgeable than you. All I’m offering to do is to answer the question, “what would I do if I were in your shoes, confronted with the very question that you’re asking?” I’ll do my very best to provide thoughtful, intelligent, and honest answers, although I reserve the right to use humor liberally. Plus, what you do with that answer is entirely your cup’o tea.

If you marked your question as PRIVATE, I will treat it as such: I respond to you privately and I will NOT publish your question or my response on this site. In a way, this is no different from my long-standing practice of answering friends’ questions by phone and email, except I’m now opening wide the gate and putting myself out there for the greater good of all.

If you marked your question as PUBLIC (or did not mark it at all), I’ll publish your question along with my response on the website. Please note that I may edit/reword certain questions for better clarity. And if I spot clusters of similar questions, I may answer a generalized version to address the entire cluster. In every case I’ll do my best to honor the spirit of the original submission(s).

I plan to do this for a long time, so don’t act like there’s a clock ticking and rush in your questions. That said, I also reserve the right to stop taking questions anytime. So go ahead and ask your question now.