It’s quite funny when otherwise amazing companies insult their users’ intelligence and try to pull off stunts like Google recently did with the upcoming shutdown of SMS notification for free Google Calendar users, or make some dopey gimmicks in the name of going green and saving the environment.

I just logged into website to see the message screenshotted below:

Really? Wow! Now, I haven’t been through any of CWNP’s certifications, and I’ve no idea what’s included in this “certification kit”. And I could be wrong, but I’ll go on a limb to say that this is the package sent out to newly certified professionals, and that individuals holding current certifications could request this kit any time, at no cost.

So far, so good. That is, until some bean counter crunched the numbers and somehow concluded that giving out these kits for free was destroying the environment. The environment! So the solution? Let folks pay for the kit instead, you know, to save the environment. And there you have it:’s grand plan for going green and saving the environment!

What’s the biggest outright lie, bizarre advice, or dopey gimmick in the guise of going green and saving the environment have you come across? Uncle George would love to know.