Writing Again

Written by George Appiah. Published on 8th July, 2020.
Writing Again

After a long and difficult breakup, I'm finally returning to my first and only true love: writing. What kept me away from writing for nearly a thousand years (that's how long it feels to me!) would easily fill a thousand volumes if I could write them. For now, let's just say, I'm back for good and here to stay.

If you were one of the three regular visitors to my website during its hay days, I want you to know that other than the passage of time, not much has happened in this little life of mine. I've grown much older, but only a little wiser.

Getting to 40 seems like I've hit a major turning point in my life... like I am now on the return leg of an arduous round-trip journey. I find myself thinking more and more about the end, about what I'll leave behind, and about seemingly esoteric thoughts like consciousness (or the lack thereof) after death.

And that is the primary reason I'm returning to my first love.

In my previous self -- long before my ill-fated attempt to fit into society's mould -- writing was indeed my only true love in all respects, with reading being the jealous other lover that kept me from my true love more often than I would care to admit.

Re-living the events of the day before sleep or days afterwards brought a very therapeutic feeling that only true love could bring. Writing was also my refuge, helping me escape society's many dos-and-don'ts into boundless worlds of my own creation. And I used writing as a critical thinking tool that helped me break down complex and perplexing subjects into simple and easily digestible parts.

So, here I go now, with a new blog post journal entry.

Dice it how you may, but journaling and journal entry resonate more with me than blogging and blog post. It's probably my old age.

I've got a long list of topics and issues want to attempt addressing in upcoming writings. Some are personal, some are professional, some are nerdy, and some may even be silly. Yeah, it's really going to be all over the place, kind of like my messy life.

For now, I'm committing to making one journal entry every single day. Yes, that includes weekends. I'll also do the occasional in-depth article or essay as the need arises and time allows.

And I am rebuilding the website from scratch, this time using plain 'ole HTML, CSS and the occasional seasoning with JavaScript. No WordPress, Ghost or any other content management system or blogging software. (I'll share my reasons for this about-turn and the tools I'm now using for my writing and website development in a future journal entry.)

So please forgive me for any messy layout and gibberish you may see around as I learn to use my new tools and rebuild this website.

As for the old website content, the jury is still out there. I could easily export the WordPress database to JSON and convert it into the individual posts. But I'm not entirely sure I want to go this route. I'm not even sure I want to restore the old content at all.

That's enough about me for now!

Until I write again, stay blessed and stay safe 🤞

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