It’s nearly three months since my last post on this website. Despite my desire to write more often, Life keeps getting in the way. And it appears that the harder I try, the bigger, badder and meaner becomes the roadblocks that Life erects in my way.

I spent most of the past three months frantically battling an incidence of foreign body stuck in my throat. This was brought on by my own stupidity, that I know. But due to unnecessary delays caused by healthcare providers who simply can’t be made to care, the little strand of wire migrated into soft tissues of my neck. And, tell you what, it’s not been fun at all.

And when just when I thought I’d gotten my own situation under control and could go philandering, the little one also got stricken with a terrible bout of common cold.

I hear you… common cold is common enough and nothing to worry about. Except when the patient is an eight year month old baby who is yet to learn basic survival skills in life, like talking or breathing through the mouth.

And once again, Ghana’s healthcare system [1] let us down completely.

Oddly enough, the knowledge that I cannot depend on even the nation’s highest-rated healthcare providers has become a most powerful driving force in my life, constantly urging me towards making positive lifestyle changes. Gone is my short-lived addiction to Lucozade Original, no more sugars in bed, and hello mindfulness. I’m even looking into various financial instruments and talking to used car salesmen life insurance companies.

Turns out, that which does not kill us makes us stronger; and facing our own mortality can help us make conscious choices to live more fully.


[1] use “healthcare system” rather than naming individual hospitals because I’m convinced the problem is a systemic one and is endemic everywhere. In both cases cited above, we dealt with multiple hospitals and clinics.