In just a few more days we’ll close the lid on 2015 and usher in a new year. Are you on track to achieving your most significant goals for 2015? And have you started or even completed your goals for 2016 and a plan of action to achieve those goals?

I’m writing this post from Meaglent Hotel in Accra, Ghana. I came here some three weeks ago for what has become my end of year ritual: to formulate a plan of action for the coming year, and complete the still lingering projects that I don’t want to carry along into the new year.

This ritual also includes a whole lot of closures: of personal pet projects, of once-glittering-but-now-dull business opportunities, and of relationships — in both the personal and professional arenas. I even drop gurus to make way for new ones. I try my best to keep my plate as clean and shiny as possible, so I can have full energy and clarity to enter the new year.

So what’s on the table for 2016? Unlike previous years when I made a long list of goals, this time around I’ve picked just one area to focus all my energies with gazelle intensity. I’m spending 2016 to nurture, develop and make to shine what I consider (and have been reminded by close friends in a recent survey I did) to be my number one natural gift: TEACHING.

Like Jonah in the Bible, after years of running away from my calling and endlessly chasing my own tail, I’m finally settling down to being whom I was meant to be, doing what I was meant to do, and living the life I was meant to live — the life, on my death bed, I’d regret not living.

That’s a mouthful and a very deep statement, but that’s exactly what I’m doing in 2016 and beyond. In fact, I’ve been tooling up for a while now. The WordPress course I announced recently is a piece of the puzzle — though a very tiny piece of the whole.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you? Are you ready for the new year, 2016?