I recently received an email from TU Delft (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) celebrating 1 million enrollments in their MOOCs program — an effort to open education and allow learners from all around the world to gain access to TU Delft professors’ knowledge and expertise.

One million enrollments is impressive, even by MOOCs standards. Equally impressive, at least to me, is the diversity of learners enrolling in the various courses offered, with learners from 229 countries and ages 8-94. Here’s an infographic with a lot more data.

The keyword here is enrollment. One data point I wish to know, but which was curiously absent from the slew of data presented in their infographic, is course completion rate. That is, out of the 1 million course enrollments, how many followed through to the end of the course… submitting all assignments and writing all exams (wither they attained the minimum pass mark or not)?

Curious George yearns to know.