After yesterday’s post one of the three or so regular readers to this blog (not counting Google Bot 🙂 ) as how far I’ve going with the WordPress course. So I decided to publish my response here for the benefit of the other two.

My original plan was to release the course by year’s end. But there’s been so many turns and twists along the journey that my new release date is far towards the end of Q1 2016.

The main only reason for the delay is my own extreme naivety: my lack of experience in this business made me grossly underestimate both the sheer amount of work involved and the number of different hats that one must wear in order to ensure success with an information product.

While I possess the know-how to develop the product itself, did not possess the show-how to make it a commercial success — to borrow Professor Emelius Browne’s offer to Miss Eglantine Price to combine their respective expertise to turn around his failed Correspondence College of Witchcraft in the musical movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

I needed a complete system involving not just the course development, but sales and marketing as well. I needed a proven process and tools to do market research, develop the course, sweeten the offer, launch, sell, and support customers who invest in the product.

But, perhaps, the biggest piece missing from my original plan, if one could even call embarking on a journey on a whim a plan at all, was an accountability partner: a mentor whom you trust and who can provide you with the guidance and motivation to forge ahead.

Thankfully help is aplenty online if one cares to search.

There’s so much free stuff online to do just about anything, but what’s missing from these freebies is the accountability. I needed a course with a proven system for information product development, a community of peers embarking on the same journey as me, and regular (preferably weekly) accountability meetings to report progress and get help with any lingering issues.

After a lengthy search, guided by my deep values and shallow pockets, I’ve joined Eben Pagan’s Startup Club. At at $37/month after a $1 first month trial, this is an investment that plays nice with my aforementioned shallow pockets.

I’m also considering Bill Baren’s Premium Package Success System course, but at $995 (one time) I need to be sure I can commit to doing the grunt wake to make this investment pay of.

So that’s what’s up with my WordPress course development. The initial name I chose was likely to get me into trademark troubles down the road… and now that I’ve tweaked the focus somewhat, I’m back to the drawing board brainstorming a new product name.

Here’s to our success, in 2016!