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PLEASE NOTE: This site is essentially on hiatus, as I want to focus on my active bets below. If you’d like to follow what I’m up to, kindly enter your email below and I’ll send you my WEEKLY UPDATES email which I normally send to only family and close friends.


  • SAT.AFRICA: My latest bet, co-founded with my good friend and serial entrepreneur Stephen Kofi Annor. We’re exploring how to make a dint in the workplace with all the “smart things” around us. (dba Smart Age Technologies in Accra, Ghana; and we’re hiring!)
  • AMENFIS.COM: The ONLY premium WordPress hosting service on private servers (VPS) with unlimited site maintenance and 24×7 support baked in, starting at just $97/month. (dba AMENFIS LLC in Delaware, USA.)
  • Premium online course, done-for-you support, and an awesome membership community helping members build their online platforms and online businesses using my soon-to-be-patented (ok, maybe not 😀 ) 7 STEP TO BUILDING YOUR PROFITABLE ONLINE PLATFORM methodology.


  • I’ve built and sold several money-making websites over the years, and I LOVE to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone and their dog. This is an experiment to see if I can make money while helping people for free. If you ever need help to plan, build, host, grow or monetize your own or client’s website, jump in and ask for help.


  • About George Appiah: A bittle lit about yours truly, George Appiah.
  • Contact George Appiah: Want to get in touch? Here are all the contact information you could ever eat: phone, email, snail mail, or meetups!
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