Taking Imperfect Action Towards Clarity

After I published my diatribe on why 2015 was such a stale year for me financially, I found my inner critique yelling at me for passing the buck — blaming external factors for my failures — when I knew deep down that there are other, perhaps bigger, internal issues responsible for my abysmal financial performance in 2015. And with 36 years of experience, I’ve come to realize whenever Inner Joe speaks, I better listen. So I’ll fess up right here … Read More

Reflections on 2015: The Toughest Year Of My Adult Life

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I wrote this on Christmas eve, 2015, but never had the courage to put it online. Until now. It’s Christmas day tomorrow. I packed my backpack some two weeks, bid goodbye to house and family, and checked myself into a little room in a not-so-little hotel off the Aburi Road in Accra, Ghana. I came here to reflect and take stock of my life through the past 11 months of the year, close the lid on some still lingering projects, … Read More

Update On My WordPress Course Under Development

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After yesterday’s post one of the three or so regular readers to this blog (not counting Google Bot 🙂 ) as how far I’ve going with the WordPress course. So I decided to publish my response here for the benefit of the other two.

My original plan was to release the course by year’s end. But there’s been so many turns and twists along the journey that my new release date is far towards the end of Q1 2016.

The main only reason for the delay is my own extreme naivety: my lack of experience in this business made me grossly underestimate both the sheer amount of work involved and the number of different hats that one must wear in order to ensure success with an information product.

Are You Ready For The New Year, 2016?

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In just a few more days we’ll close the lid on 2015 and usher in a new year. Are you on track to achieving your most significant goals for 2015? And have you started or even completed your goals for 2016 and a plan of action to achieve those goals? I’m writing this post from Meaglent Hotel in Accra, Ghana. I came here some three weeks ago for what has become my end of year ritual: to formulate a plan … Read More

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